Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Parler vous la musique excellent?

Another winner at the Bucky's was Coeur de Pirate, an obviously French band who took home the prestigious "Best Reason to Learn French" award. Indeed. I went to see them with an incredible line-up at NXNE. But, of course, the place was sold out.

I waited in line for an hour but once Jian Ghomeshi arrived and walked straight in, I had enough.


  1. my (then) girlfriend went to that show. She said it was amazing. I have a huge crush on her (the lead singer of Coeur de Pirate.. not so much my ex)

  2. Stu, mon ami.

    Coeur de Pirate is the person (alia BĂ©atrice Martin), not the band. She adopted the name as a "project" to heal her rotten adolescence through poetry and music. There is something magic about her.

    Couilles de pirate